Remote holder for RVMedia® caravan/RV/Motorhome TV control

$25.00 each + postage

The RVMedia® TV and DVD player unit is a popular choice for caravans, motorhomes and RVs. I never found a holder for the remote control unit so I designed this holder to allow the remote to be placed on your caravan panelling. It is custom designed for the TV remote but also to be the same size as the Truma® air conditioner remote holder, and has the same screw hole positions, allowing for easy installation. The holder is 3D printed from strong recyclable PETG plastic in two interlocking pieces to ensure structural integrity, locked together by a mounting screw. The holder comes supplied with two black self-tapping phillips mounting screws. RVMedia and Truma are trademarks of their respective owners. Combi Creations is not affiliated with either company.

Colour is black

Item is made from PETG

Quantity available: 3

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