Airconditioning vent tee adapter to suit TRUMA®


Daisy chain two vents off one hose!

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This adapter ring lets you install a TRUMA® tee fitting (not included) as a passthrough to the TRUMA® airconditioning vent (Rechtecklufter P/N 40280-1, not included) so multiple vent consoles can be tapped off the one airconditioning pipe.  The adapter fits the oval of the vent and the different oval formed by the deformation of the tee fitting over the vent.

Shown here is a typical installation used to supply a new side aircon vent off an existing trunk end vent in an ADRIA caravan.

The adapter ring is 3D printed from black PETG plastic. It is affixed with a small self-tapping screw, through the adapter and into the vent.

Truma® is a trademark of its respective owner. Combi Creations is not affiliated with any company.

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