Making Things, My Way

Fiona’s experiences making decorative items – be it from fabric, paper, ceramics, wood or whatever other medium comes her way.

Hand Crochet Tea Towels
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  • Use your crochet thread scraps to make some pretty mug coasters.
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  • Fun making 3D Christmas Cards, fixing a few problems and mistakes along the way.
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Steve’s Blog

3D Printing, LEGO, WWII Military and Amphibious Vehicles, Vintage Computing, Scale Modelling and other things.

  • Imagine you had time travelled back to antiquity and, without a ruler or special tools, […]
  • Some years ago I was intrigued by the technique of producing photographs that rapidly alternate […]
  • Construct this simple hoist and easily rack and unrack that old PDP-11 without racking your […]
  • I’ve had an interest in the development of early allied and axis jets during WWII […]
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Camping, Caravanning and Travel

The adventures of our guinea pigs as they join us on our travels to the van improvements that make life easier.

Stopped for a break
  • Have caravan, will travel. Can’t caravan? Maybe camp? Our blog will cover places we go […]