Countdown to Christmas

Christmas comes every year but do I organize myself early? Or even on time?

So, what needs to be done between now and Christmas?

  • Make the present for my quilting groups’ Christmas Dinner swap. One patchwork trivet / pot holder / heat thingy is required.
  • Finish off my friends’ fabric challenge from last Christmas. Oh, and buy the fabric for this year’s fabric challenge swap. Should one really buy the next year’s fabric, when I haven’t finished this year’s? Why yes, of course!
  • Make a doona cover. The matching quilt will have to wait – no way that’s getting done before Christmas 2022.
  • Turn a panel I bought a month ago into a wall hanging.
  • Come up with 2 other gifts for immediate family.
  • Find some decent Christmas-themed tea towels and crochet the tops for presents and to sell. Since Covid the quality of the tea towels at my local shops has gone downhill, and the prices have gone up.
  • Come up with a whole pile of small gifts for friends. Normally I do tea towels. Hmmm. See previous comment.

So what have I got organized? Cards. Yes, I actually did it this year – I’ve made my Christmas cards before the Christmas rush. I’ve uncovered my sewing machine table from the piles of fabric so I can actually stitch. I’m going on a crafty day retreat to do resin and pottery this weekend. Surely something I make this weekend will be present quality.

And a list. I’ve made a list. So I’m halfway there if I have a list. Right?

But now it is time to cook dinner and work on the birthday present I need to finish for next week. Christmas can wait.

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